Cleansing face & body bar for sensitive skin and young children

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This skin loving face bar is made with organic oils. The perfect gentle clean for young children and those that have sensitive skin. This face bar can also double up as a body bar as well.

Very gently cleanse and moisturise your skin with this unscented and uncoloured face and body cleansing bar, designed to be soft and gentle on young, delicate or sensitive skin.

Perfect for those with skin sensitivities as there is no colouring or scents added which are often common sources of irritation.

A perfect addition to your zero waste bathroom routine!

Safe for the waterways and our precious earth.

Ingredients: Organic West Australian Olive oil, Organic Virgin Coconut oil, Organic Castor oil, Sodium Hydroxide (neutralised in final product) and Distilled Water.

The colour of this soap is often beige due to the Extra Virgin Olive oil used.


Handmade in Western Australia.

Vegan, palm oil free and not tested on animals.