Why should you make the switch to a bamboo toothbrush?


It is estimated that Australians use an astonishing 30 million toothbrushes each year. The majority of brushes, manufactured using plastic, take a staggering 400 years to decompose. While archeologists often discover ancient fossils and fallen cities, our future generations will get…. plastic left from us! Every single plastic item you have ever put in the bin still exists today.

Most of us may think that we are too little and insignificant to make a change, however, it starts with our choices. One thought, that becomes a decision, followed by an action, can change the world we live in. That’s why switching to a bamboo toothbrush can make a significant difference for our environment, now and for future generations. 

Before toothbrushes were discovered, people used rough cloth and water to clean their teeth. They would also rub things like salt and charcoal to get rid of the grime. So if it seems like a bamboo toothbrush is a new trend, it's not quite right. It was founded back in China in the 15th century. Obviously it was the best option to look after the teeth. In fact, plastic toothbrushes came on the market only in 1938 and since then, billions of them have been produced and thrown away. 

Almost a century later they are still leaders on the market. However, bamboo toothbrushes are recognised as the most friendly option. It will take around 5-10 years to fully break down if you throw it out, and only 4-6 month if you place it in a home composter. For that reason, everyone who is interested in zero-waste living or anyone who wants to reduce the amount they throw in the waste, has to consider a bamboo toothbrush. If you have 3 people living in your household, you might be throwing 12 toothbrushes a year with other plastic waste. 

Switching to bamboo toothbrush might seem like compromising the quality of your dental care. When plastic toothbrushes are about sales, bamboo ones are about healthy choices and care for the environment. Bamboo toothbrushes don’t compromise quality. They are just as great as any other brushes out there, but a better friend to the environment.

Apart from obvious reasons, what are other benefits of bamboo toothbrushes? Here are 5 key reasons as to why you should get your hands around a bamboo toothbrush:

1. Health benefits. 

The antibacterial properties of bamboo allow it to be farmed without using the toxins, which inturn reduces toxic evaporation of materials that might get into our bloodstream and affect our health. This сharacteristic helps to eliminate bacteria growth on your toothbrush. It is recommended to rinse your toothbrush thoroughly and change it every 3 months. For the best results, you have to remember to brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes.

2. Sustainability

Bamboo trees are considered as one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, as it takes very little time to grow per day. It only takes only 3 years for the bamboo to grow to a harvestable size. Since it has antibacterial properties, there is no need for fertilisers and pesticides. That’s why bamboo toothbrushes are considered as the organic and eco friendly option for your dental hygiene needs.

3. Authentic and unique

Everyone who likes minimalism and simple living will love bamboo toothbrushes. Their minimalistic design offers a natural and clean look. With plastic free packaging you’ll be a convert in no time.

4. They last just as long as plastic toothbrushes

When taking proper care of your toothbrush, they will last just as long as any other plastic toothbrush. It is recommended to change your toothbrush every 3 months, or after an illness. Some of the tips to make your bamboo toothbrush last longer is to rinse it properly, dry it and store in a cool or dry place, no different from the plastic option.

5. It’s not expensive

Almost all bamboo toothbrushes are handmade. You are not only supporting a small business that ensures its product is of an exceptional quality,  but you are also receiving a quality product comparable to any plastic alternative. It’s not about money. There is a bigger picture. Purchasing a bamboo toothbrush through a small business not only supports them, but it can help the wider environmental movement, with many online eco businesses contributing financially to environmentally friendly not for profit causes. You can conveniently order your bamboo toothbrushes online, which is a lot less hassle and hustle.  

6. Biodegradable and reusable

If you are ready to switch to a bamboo toothbrush it’s important to make sure that the brush is made from sustainably sourced bamboo, from a species that is not a food or habitat of pandas. Natural or pig hair bristles hold moisture in which can bread microbes, and bacteria. It’s better to avoid them for health and ethical reasons.

If you don’t want to throw your old toothbrushes out once you're done brushing with them, they can be wonderful helpers in keeping your home clean. Toothbrushes are the best little tools for cleaning small spaces like window tracks, shower tracks, around the faucets, drains, the seams between the surfaces, a counter, grout, and so much more. You can even use it as your helper in cleaning shoes!  

Once your bamboo toothbrush has run its course they are easy to compost, it's best to remove the bristles (as ours are made out of nylon) or break off the head of the toothbrush and put it in a compost heap in your garden. It should break down within 4-6 months. 

Tetema has an amazing bamboo toothbrush that will suit your dental hygiene needs, whilst looking after the environment. They are so stylish too. It can also be a great present for any occasion. Check-out our website for more! 

While a bamboo toothbrush is only one step to zero-waste living, we have a range of other products that will help you to eliminate waste from your life. By taking small steps and making small changes every day, we will together achieve amazing results. Let's be a part of a community that takes care of our environment.

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